“The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.”  Zen Parable. 

Education and Experience

I completed my Master’s degree in Counseling from Doane College in July of 2015.  My licensing includes; Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP), and Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor.   I have attended various trainings focused on trauma, psychosis, addictions, Trauma focused-CBT, art therapy, and I am a certified equine psychotherapist utilizing the EAGALA model. 

I have worked in the human services field for over 15 years. I have experience working in a variety of settings with many different populations, all who were experiencing some kind of challenge or crisis in their life. My clinical experience includes but is not limited to: Depression, Anxiety, Psychotic disorders, Personality disorders, Trauma, Adjustment disorders, Substance Abuse and Addictions.  I have also worked with people dealing life transitions (i.e. college, relocation, divorce, death, etc).  

I have worked with individuals ranging in age from pre-adolescent to well into retirement. Ihave found that I enjoy working with people of all ages and from many different backgrounds.  However, I consider my specialty areas to be with depression, anxiety, trauma both childhood, and adult onset, addiction both active and recovering, personality disorders, and life transitions.  

I believe there are times in everyone’s life where our journey becomes unclear, clouded, and sometimes down right devastating.  However, it is also within these times where we are able to discover our greatest strengths, achieve our goals, take leaps of faith, and discover who we are physically, spiritually, and wholly.  While wonderful things can rise out of some of our darkest moments, I don’t believe we are meant to be alone in the dark.  We all need someone to listen, someone to give us insight, and in essence be a mirror to us so that we are able to see the answers we have within ourselves. 

I believe that there is no one that knows you better than you, and I have found that it is our self that often gets in our own way. Whether this comes from negative self beliefs, old family patterns, traumatic experiences, loss, addiction, or a combination of many ailments. No matter what the cause, the reality is, it is there, and may be creating difficulties in areas of your life right now. 

I feel that my job as a counselor is to meet you where you are at, and walk with you on the path to healing.  I provide a safe space for you to be heard, and for you to discover the answers you have been seeking.  I hope to assist you in identifying patterns or distortions in your thinking, or process that may be preventing you from living life to it’s fullest, and truly feel a sense of happiness, self awareness, and inner peace.  

My approach is empathic, honest, and empowering.  My counseling style is what most refer to as eclectic.  The foundation of my therapeutic style is person centered, meaning I will meet you where you are, I will not judge you, and we will work together as you achieve your goals in therapy. I believe that my clients know what they need, whether they see it yet or not. It has been my experience that my clients tend to let me know through our conversations what therapeutic intervention is going to work best for them. 

I consider myselfeasy-going, understanding, empathetic, reliable, resilient, and dedicated. Some of best compliments I have received my clients include:  “you get it”, “working with you helped me make the changes I needed to in my life”, and “thank you!” 

Please feel free to give me and call with any questions you may have or set up a time for a free interview to determine if working with me feels like a good fit for you.   

I look forward to meeting you! 

Keri Nider 

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style” Maya Angelou.