Child Issues                                   ~  Psychological                                   
    ~  Adolescents/Teens                      
~  Gastric Bypass                        
Eating Disorders                                             
~  Forensic/Personal Injury                           
    Behavior Problems                       
~  Memory and Dementia                         
    ~  School               
    ~  Couples
    Work Problems
    ~  Abuse                                         
    ~  Anxiety Disorders                           
    Sexual Assault Victims                         ~  Psychotherapy
    ~  Chronic Physical Illness                         Assessments
    ~  Depression                                            ~  Couple Therapy
    ~  Panic                                                      ~  Group Therapy
    ~  Post Traumatic Stress Disorders          Family Therapy
    ~  Self Esteem                                           ~  EMDR
    ~  Trauma                                             
    Women's Issues
    ~  Eating Disorders
    ~  Food Management/Obesity



Evaluations are offered for academic problems, behavioral problems, custody disputes, eating disorders (including Bariatric Evaluations), sex offender allegations, neuropsychological problems, intellectual levels, personality disorders, substance abuse problems, and diagnostic dilemmas.  Costs for such services vary depending on numbers of tests given, amount of time to gather pertinent information, and amount of time to write the report.  Typical evaluations range from $250.00 to $850.00 and many are covered by existing insurance policies.

Psychotherapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups is also available by appointment.  Please call 402-489-9959 to complete a brief phone intake and arrange an appointment with your new therapist.  The cost for psychotherapy services tends to vary based on number of sessions required to solve the presenting problem.  Most therapists charge by the hour and are very willing to set up a plan of treatment within the first three sessions.