Ron Schroeder

Ron graduated from Doane College with a Master of Arts degree in Counseling in 2013. He provides mental health counseling as a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner and a Licensed Professional Counselor. He is also a Provisionally Certified Disordered Gambling Counselor. He joined the Lincoln Behavioral Health Clinic team in 2017.

Prior to his work as a counselor, Ron worked for the Nebraska Legislature as a staffer in six state senators’ offices for 32 years. He is a lifetime resident of Lancaster County. He graduated from Lincoln East High School and received his Bachelor’s degree from Nebraska Wesleyan University.   

When Ron works with a client he focuses on the strengths that the individual already has or is trying to develop. His primary questions to his clients are: Are you being true to yourself? Are there conflicts holding you back from the person you want to be or you want to become? Are you realistic about your goals? What can you change to move closer to your ambitions and achieve your purposes in life? Are your actions, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, values, and beliefs in agreement? If not, how can you make that happen? How do we begin? With that backdrop in mind, Ron will explore the possibilities and help you build the road to mental (and physical) wellness within the realistic and practical limits that life places before us.

Wholeness does not mean happiness and contentment all of the time—wholeness means learning how to live with and integrate all of life's events—ups and downs. But that does not restrict us from changing aspects of ourselves and our lives.

Ron’s theoretical orientation to counseling is grounded in person-centered, existential, cognitive-behavioral, and strength-based methods.

In his free time, you will find Ron on his bicycle exploring local bicycle trails, hiking on trails, reading, or spending time with family and friends.