Mission Statement

The mission of LBHC is to provide individuals and families with compassionate, comprehensive, and confidential mental health care through the assistance of highly trained and experienced professionals. 

Our goal is to help people achieve a higher level of satisfaction, understanding, and control in their lives. 

Making a Difference in People's Lives

We are a group of dedicated, caring and experienced mental health professionals who are prepared to help you work through personal issues, assist in gaining relief from symptoms, and give support and practical ways to manage a variety of conditions. 

Our professional staff has many years of graduate training and clinical experience, plus a continuing commitment to professional education, enabling us to practice using the most recent advances and methods. 

Lincoln Behavioral Health Clinic therapists have training and experience working with a variety of issues that span all ages and settings. Many different therapy techniques are used by LBHC professionals. In general, we are trained in behavioral, cognitive, and psychodynamic therapy. We are skilled in using many different approaches to help with personal matters. 

We are happy to answer your questions about specific problems or techniques. 


Let us help you achieve the resolution you seek.