Loneliness: Can We Fix It?

No, your therapist cannot fix your loneliness. But we can help you fix it. Loneliness is a condition that is experienced by human beings in all stages of life. Sometimes it is a random and fleeting experience and sometimes it can be all-consuming. It is an emotional experience that is not dependent on other people being around. Some people feel lonely in the midst of a crowd of people. It seems to be a subjective experience, one that is felt differently by individuals as they move through the life stages. Many can remember being “lonely” as a child, or “it seemed like I never fit in”. Others had a rich childhood and now experience themselves as lonely in their adult lives.

It has been noted that our world is becoming bigger and faster all the time. This can lead a person to actually experience more loneliness than when times were simpler. The need to put more hours into one’s work life can result in significantly less time to spend with family and friends. Or perhaps the loss of a spouse or a best friend through divorce, death, or relocation can leave one feeling the emptiness and sadness that accompanies the experience of loneliness. At these times, one is left with only oneself for company, and that can be devastating at times due to earlier deficits in self esteem.

Talk therapy can help you feel more connected, can help you learn new ways to understand yourself and make plans for future adventures. Call our clinic for an appointment with one of our therapists. We can't fix it, but we can help.

Dan Noennig